Fake Blue Phalaenopsis


I thought I was going to pass out at the grocery store after seeing what looked like an entire display of blue orchids! They don’t look real but what exactly am I seeing? Debbie T.


Just in time for Easter. Put away your eggs. It’s time for dyed orchids!

My father recalls a time when cut white carnations were soaked in dye and passed off as pink. Or red. Or orange. They sold like hotcakes. Of course, no one had to be concerned with what the cut flowers looked like on their next blooming a year later.

The Merry Sisters of Spring

The Merry Sisters of Spring


Cattleya trianaei

This Lovely Lady Unfolds During the Winter


C. trianaei

Winter may be a dreary time of the year with its overcast days and long somber nights, but for those who grow Cattleya trianaei, it is a time to enjoy one of nature’s most colorful and captivating flowers.

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