Slugs: Orchid Enemy #1

Slugs. We all have them. In the garden, on the steps, crawling up the glass. Big ones. Little ones. With and without spiral shells.

No orchid pests are more destructive. They are non-discriminating in their eating habits – devouring flowers, buds, leaves, and roots. Mature plants are set back by years and seedlings often succumb.


Q) My favorite orchid has unsightly color streaks on the flowers and I’m worried. What could this be?
Nate D.

A) Mere mention of the words Odontoglossom Ring Spot or Cymbidium Mosaic send chills through most growers for these are dreaded orchid viruses with no known cure. Symptoms include streaky leaves and flowers as well as compromised plant vigor. In most cases, the affected epiphytes are thrown out.

Healthy orchids are free of all plant viruses whose symptoms can include loss of vigor and unsightly markings in the foliage and flowers.

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