Orchid Shows


What’s the best orchid show to attend these days? I’m just getting into the hobby. Jennifer B.


There are few floral events more compelling than a good orchid show. Thousands of blooming plants all arranged to perfection with colors that baffle the mind. Longwood Gardens, Santa Barbara, and Miami International are commonly thought of as the best the sport has to offer.

New Orleans Botanical Garden After Hurricane Katrina

On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating blow to Southern Louisiana, the New Orleans Botanical Garden has never looked better. Mark Menier, staff horticulturalist at the garden describes the Aug 29, 2005 Category 3 storm as a “blessing in disguise” despite the fact that the vast majority of their plant collection was lost. “Everything in the greenhouses that were four feet high or

Presentation is Everything

Top chefs know that the difference between an average meal and a culinary masterpiece is often as simple as the presentation. A bland bowl of mashed potatoes suddenly becomes quite intriguing when sautéed mushrooms and onions are added. Even toast comes alive when quartered diagonally.

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