Dendrobium Nobiles Go Mainstream

Once shunned by growers for their persnickety culture, Dendrobium Nobiles are enjoying a rally rarely seen in orchid commerce. It all began with the quest for an alternative to Phalaenopsis that could be mass produced and distributed with little damage and have a good shelf life. Thus far, the public has responded by snapping up the plants like hot cakes. 

Dinner with Priscilla

Six degrees of separation refers to the notion that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Imagine if only two degrees separated you from someone very famous, in other words, an A-List celebrity is “a friend of a friend.” We experienced this situation in 2009 when a walk-in client informed us that she worked extensively with Priscilla Presley.

Orchid Garnishes

Food aficionados take their meals seriously – the ingredients, the health attributes, the farm sources. But, most of all, they delight in the presentation. One aspect of culinary design that has been growing in popularity is the use of garnishes which artistically add to food dishes. And what better accent piece than a colorful orchid blossom.

Shipping Orchids


I received a Cattleya orchid in the mail that was supposed to be in bud or bloom and there is nothing but leaves! Where are the flowers?! What can be done? Ronald S.


Shipping orchids in the mail is a little tricky. It requires some clever packing techniques and considerable knowledge of botany to be successful. In addition, the shipping company and the weather both have to cooperate.


Q) I just bought an Oncidium Twinkle that is the cutest thing ive ever seen. The whole plant fits in a tea cup! Do they come in other colors besides white? Kristi G.

A) Miniature orchids are in high demand at this time of year as indoor plant growing space is at a premium during the winter months. All major orchid genera offer diminutive versions thus every hobbyist can participate in the sport. A close-up photo of these tiny flowers offers no clues to its botanical dimensions since the shape and color are sometimes identical to full size versions.

Orchid Arrangments

Twice a year, 75,000 visitors descend upon a small town in North Carolina for the High Point Furniture Market to see the latest in home furnishing from around the world. Solid Cherry dining room tables with walnut inlays, classic crystal chandeliers, teak bonded leather sofas, and sleek lined swivel chairs from Belgium are among the dazzling arrays of offerings in the 11 million square feet of exhibit halls. One design piece that is consistently displayed throughout the show is the “Orchid Arrangement.”

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