Simply Lovely

For those fortunate to have met Lady Thatcher on her many visits to Virginia, she was unquestionably warm and approachable despite her reputation as the ‘Iron Lady’. One warm sunny August day in 2004, she toured the campus of the University of Richmond greeting students and faculty before attending a dinner in her honor. She also made orchid history by accepting a Cattleya hybrid bearing her name. 

Presentation is Everything

Top chefs know that the difference between an average meal and a culinary masterpiece is often as simple as the presentation. A bland bowl of mashed potatoes suddenly becomes quite intriguing when sautéed mushrooms and onions are added. Even toast comes alive when quartered diagonally.

Rainwater for Orchids

In the late 1700’s, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson had four 3,800 gallon cisterns built at his Monticello home to catch rainwater that flowed off the many roofs and terraces. This water was used for the crops, gardens, and residents of the Charlottesville estate.

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