Chadwick Orchids

Epidendrums, or "Epis"

Tutti Fruiti, Coral Orange, and Fire Engine Red are just some of the words used to describe the intriguing flowers of Epidendrums – a fascinating genus of orchids with over 1000 known species. Hobbyists love these plants because they are easy to cultivate – thriving in a wide range of conditions as well as readily making baby plantlets. Once thought of as having tall, somewhat unruly, foliage, today’s hybrids are compact and quite manageable.  

Rainwater for Orchids

In the late 1700’s, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson had four 3,800 gallon cisterns built at his Monticello home to catch rainwater that flowed off the many roofs and terraces. This water was used for the crops, gardens, and residents of the Charlottesville estate.


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