Orchid Blogs/Newspaper Columns

Art Chadwick has been answering hobbyist's questions in the Richmond Times-Dispatch monthly since 2002. The Winston-Salem Journal as well as others newspapers around the country also publish the popular orchid advice column. Topics include everything from basic culture for the home grower to must-see horticultural events to current breeding trends. Readers may submit ideas. Hundreds of articles are cataloged here.  

If your local newspaper or newsletter is interested in carrying Art's free orchid advice column, please contact Art Chadwick at 804-598-7560 or art@chadwickorchids.com. Thank You!   

Orchid Columns

Peat Moss 04/01/2004
Poisonous to Cats? 03/01/2004
Orchid Societies 01/01/2004
Browning Leaves 12/01/2003
Suggested Genera 11/13/2003
Roots 10/01/2003
Humidity 09/01/2003
Re-blooming 08/01/2003
Lady Slipper Roots 07/01/2003
Oncidium Blooming 06/01/2003
Fertilizer 05/01/2003
Published Cultural Info 02/01/2003
Pots 11/13/2002
Where to Cut Stem 07/01/2002
When to Water? 05/01/2002