First Ladies and their Cattleyas: A Century of Namesake Orchids


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We are now accepting pre-orders for "First Ladies and their Cattleyas: A Century of Namesake Orchids" which is the much anticipated sequel to The Classic Cattleyas, now in its second printing. Also written by the father/son team of A. A. Chadwick and Arthur E. Chadwick, the book explores the 100+ year history of United States First Ladies and the cattleya hybrids that bear their names. The lineage of these plants provides an overview of the diverse family of cattleya species that exist in nature as well as an inside look at the renowned growers around the world who played a role in creating these enduring legacies. Included are the fascinating stories of the actual flower presentations, many of which involved the Chadwick's. Go to "Shop" to purchase with delivery in Winter 2023. International orders and E-versions will soon be available. 

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