New Developments in Orchid Cloning

My father, A.A. Chadwick, is a collector of historical cattleyas - many of which are more than a century old. Over the years, a small number of these heirlooms have acquired a virus which is a disease that can adversely affect the flowers or foliage and is highly contagious. He quarantines these infected plants on a separate bench in his greenhouse where they can’t come in contact with the rest of the collection.  

Dendrobium Nobiles Go Mainstream

Once shunned by growers for their persnickety culture, Dendrobium Nobiles are enjoying a rally rarely seen in orchid commerce. It all began with the quest for an alternative to Phalaenopsis that could be mass produced and distributed with little damage and have a good shelf life. Thus far, the public has responded by snapping up the plants like hot cakes. 

First Ladies and Their Cattleyas- Melania Trump

Melania Knauss Trump is the wife of the 45th United States President. Prior to marrying Donald J. Trump in 2005, she was a successful model working with major fashion houses in Milan and Paris and later appearing on the covers of dozens of magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour. She also had her own watch and jewelry line.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

The Huntington is widely considered to be one of the finest botanical gardens in the country. Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California in the swanky neighborhood of San Marino, the 120 acre site of developed gardens was formerly the home of railroad tycoon Henry Huntington and his wife Arabella who founded the institution in 1919. In addition to the plant collections, there is also an extensive library of rare books and several art galleries such that it can take tourists three days to experience everything.

Remarkable Rhynchostylis

“Rhynchostylis orchids are best grown in slatted baskets where they produce colorful sprays of fragrant flowers each winter. Daily watering is suggested.” Photo Credit – Arthur Chadwick

Wine lovers take note. Some orchids prefer corks as their potting media.

Wardian Cases and Terrariums

“This terrarium contains a petite yellow Oncidium and a multi-floral Phalaenopsis, a small ivy, a thick bed of living moss, and several sprigs of curly willow. The base uses a layer of river rock, sphagnum moss, and potting soil to help hydrate the greenery.”  Photo Credit – Arthur Chadwick


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