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Tricks for Phalaenopsis

Q) I am an ‘amateur’ grower of Phalaenopsis. I have 12 pots and all seem very healthy with
bright green leaves. My problem is they are not blooming. Some haven’t bloomed in 3-4 years!
My house doesn’t have much light so I’ve added grow lights. Jane E.


Q) I’m intrigued by Oncidium orchids. Are they as easy to grow as Phals? Trish B.

A) The look of a Dancing Lady orchid is exotic. Each flower is a masterpiece and the best the
industry has to offer.


Q) I just bought an Oncidium Twinkle that is the cutest thing ive ever seen. The whole plant fits in a tea cup! Do they come in other colors besides white? Kristi G.

A) Miniature orchids are in high demand at this time of year as indoor plant growing space is at a premium during the winter months. All major orchid genera offer diminutive versions thus every hobbyist can participate in the sport. A close-up photo of these tiny flowers offers no clues to its botanical dimensions since the shape and color are sometimes identical to full size versions.


Q) I have an orchid that was raised from seed and looks spectacular.

What is involved in getting American Orchid Society judges to evaluate it?

-Tom S.

Nero Wolfe

Q) I first learned about orchids from reading Nero Wolfe detective books. What can you tell me about his collection? Adam S

A) Many orchid enthusiasts cite the fictional Nero Wolfe as one of their earliest inspirations. There were 33 novels written between 1934 and 1975 by author Rex Stout and orchids were integral to many of the plots. The stories took place predominantly in New York City at Wolfe’s brownstone residence on West 35th Street in which the top floor was a large greenhouse with three temperature zones and 10,000 orchids!

Paphiopedilum delenatii

Q) I saw a pink lady slipper recently at an orchid nursery that was nothing like anything I’d ever seen before. The plant tag reads P delenatii. What is this? Cameron B.

A) True species, or naturally occurring orchids, are some of the most recognizable flowers in nature. The blossom and sometimes foliar traits are unlike any other plant. A plant tag is not necessarily required in order to identify such an orchid, although it may be helpful in ascertaining nuances in the breeding.

"Pouch" on a Lady Slipper?

Q) What is the purpose of the ‘pouch’ on a lady slipper? Allison R.

A) Botanists classify flowers as orchids by their structure. Typical blooms have 3 petals and 3 sepals that alternate around a central column. The lower petal is called the ‘lip’ or throat and is usually a different color. The purpose of the throat is to attract pollinators as both the male and female parts are found within. Additionally, the throat often emits a fragrance to lure potential suitors. Common flowers such as roses, daffodils, and petunias have entirely different configurations.

New Orleans Botanical Garden After Hurricane Katrina

On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating blow to Southern Louisiana, the New Orleans Botanical Garden has never looked better. Mark Menier, staff horticulturalist at the garden describes the Aug 29, 2005 Category 3 storm as a “blessing in disguise” despite the fact that the vast majority of their plant collection was lost. “Everything in the greenhouses that were four feet high or


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