New Developments in Orchid Cloning

My father, A.A. Chadwick, is a collector of historical cattleyas - many of which are more than a century old. Over the years, a small number of these heirlooms have acquired a virus which is a disease that can adversely affect the flowers or foliage and is highly contagious. He quarantines these infected plants on a separate bench in his greenhouse where they can’t come in contact with the rest of the collection.  

The Big Growers of the 1940’s


The orchid industry, today, is on full throttle and commercial nurseries everywhere are having their best year in recent memory and possibly ever. There is a nationwide shortage of plants as retailers are having trouble getting product and many wholesalers are simply sold out. The last time there was a run on orchids to this extent was eighty years ago, during the corsage era. 

Orchid Murals

Murals have become an increasing popular art form in recent years. Once dismissed as a form of graffiti (which is done without permission), murals are now highly planned projects involving shop owners, community leaders, schools, and, maybe, a team of professional artists. The end result is something that enhances the area.

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