Queen of Cambodia's Orchid


I heard that the future King and Queen of Cambodia received a special orchid during their visit to Virginia last month. Can you tell me about that? Linda L.


One of our clients, a relative of the Cambodian royal family, suggested that it might be nice to honor Princess Yinneka Norodom with an orchid hybrid bearing her name in anticipation of her impending ascension to the throne. The royal couple had scheduled a Sunday morning meditation at the Quan Am Phat Dien Buddhist Temple in Chesterfield County.

Cattleya skinneri


I am a native of Costa Rica and when I moved to the United States seven years ago, I brought a test tube baby of our National Flower, Cattleya skinneri. Since then, I have nursed the plant along and the pseudo-bulbs are now 3” tall. I have been fearful to put it outside where the deer might eat it so I keep it in my sunroom. Will this plant ever bloom? Denise R.


Merriweather Post's Orchid Collection

Q) What can you tell me about Merriweather Post’s orchid collection? Aaron T.

A) The name Merriweather Post is often mentioned in connection with the famed music pavilion near Washington D.C. or for the popular line of breakfast cereals that includes Grape Nuts Flakes. However not many people know that Marjorie Merriweather Post maintained extensive orchid greenhouses which held one of the largest private collections in the United States.

The Merry Sisters of Spring

The Merry Sisters of Spring



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