Orchid Boarding

Orchid boarding is the process of sending out-of-bloom orchids to Chadwick’s for tender loving care until they re-bloom. This service is quite popular in the Richmond area with thousands of residents and businesses participating. Many people have just a few orchids that they board at Chadwick’s, though it is not uncommon for some clients to rotate as many as 500-1000 plants each year. Orchids generally bloom for 1 to 3 months, and if taken care of should live for many years.

For $2.00 per month (minimum $10 and maximum $24), we will board your orchid under greenhouse conditions until it blooms again. We accept many orchid types. Repotting, if necessary, may incur an additional fee. Plants should be given to us in good condition and in no larger than a 6” pot (or an additional fee). Cymbidiums and Grammatophylums are not accepted at this time. You may drop off plants at our greenhouse in Powhatan, or at our retail store in the museum district of Richmond.